Siemens Schweiz AG

Siemens container gripper and height measurement station

The incoming and outgoing goods for the automatic transport system (ATS) of the entire production building at Siemens are to be handled by a palletizing robot.


Container gripper and height measurement station as a supplier to marti systeme

Special attention was paid to the diversity of the workpieces to be processed:

  • 6 different container types must be able to be processed
  • Mixed pallets with different numbers of layers at incoming goods

The system control was implemented by another supplier.

Project details

In order to transfer the delivered pallets from the central warehouse to the operations warehouse, a height measuring station in combination with a robot gripper is used in this robot cell for different container sizes.

  • Eightfold container identification and stack height measurement
  • The gripper removes the different individual container types fully automatically
    Container weight up to max. 40 kg possible

By marti systeme

  • Depalletizing line equipped with height measuring station
  • Palletizing line including trolley
  • Automatic empty pallet magazine, bidirectional

310 containers and 20 pallets per hour

Key technical data

Construction year: 2018
Project length: approx. 6 months
Gripper measurements: L x W x H = 1000 x 800 x 400 mm
Gripper weight: 87 kg
Measurements of the height measurement station: L x W x H = 1900 x 1200 x 2900 mm
Height measurement station weight: 275 kg

Robot: ABB IRB 6700

CAD container gripper

CAD height measurement station

With marti systems we always have a partnership and an extremely professional and competent system provider and problem solver with great know-how. 
Our palletizing/depalletizing robot including conveyor technology as the first system from marti system runs flawlessly and reliably in a 3-shift operation. In the meantime, the cooperation has also been continued with follow-up projects and future projects are currently being planned.

René Hoppler, Factory Excellence Leadership, Siemens Schweiz AG