Kunststoff Schwanden AG

Inspection system

High quality requirements are a constant challenge for suppliers in the automotive sector. Kunststoff Schwanden sets high priorities when it comes to on-time deliveries with consistently high quality. 
In an assembly line with different workstations (partly manual assembly stations), pre-assembled assemblies are checked for quality with the inspection system.


All test workpieces are manually placed in a precisely fitting holder. The inspection process is started by the operator. 
All parts are laser-marked and can be removed when the parts are issued.
The system was connected to the customer's operating data acquisition system in order to send the orders directly to the system and to pass on and archive the test data directly.

Project details

The following process steps are carried out in the system:

  • Manual insertion of the module by the operator
  • Checking the position of the inserted workpiece
  • Scanning of the inserted module and recording it in the system
  • Checking various parameters such as tightness, opening pressure, dynamic pressure and start-up
  • Laser labeling of the module with DMC code or error code
  • Checking the module code
  • Removal of finished parts and OK/NOK on output tape

Key technical data

Construction year: 2014
Project length: approx. 4 months
Measurements: L x W x H = 1.3 x 2.5 x 3.5 m
Weight: 1400 kg

PLC: Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 / TIA Portal V13
Safety: Sick FlexiSoft
Operation: Siemens Touchpanel 6”, Color KTP600