KMT Kunststoff- und Metallteile AG

KMT has been producing tool cases for Würth with fully automated systems for years. A completely new tool case design required investment in new automation systems.


The existing assembly systems could no longer process the new design of the tool cases
and KMT commissioned marti engineering to design the new assembly line. The aim was to build a system that was as flexible as possible (several workpieces on the same system) and space-saving.

Project details

The assembly cell is set up right next to the injection molding machine, which produces the plastic shells for the cases. This layout avoids time-consuming and costly interim storage. 

Removal handling removes the case shell directly from the injection molding machine.
The following work steps are carried out in the cell itself:

  • Case shell is printed with a logo
  • Case lid is provided
  • Case handles are available via feed buffers
  • Locking and coupling elements are conveyed as bulk goods
  • All robots are assembled
  • Individual parts for a complete case
  • Palletization of assembled cases
  • Dispensing of the fully loaded pallets

Key technical data

Construction year: 2018
Project length: approx. 12 months
Measurements: L x W x H = 12.8 x 5.0 x 2.5 m

PLC: Siemens SIMATIC ET200S / TIA Portal V15
Safety: Sick FlexiSoft
Operation: Siemens Touchpanel 12”, Color KTP1200
Robot: ABB IRB1200 / ABB IRB4660

CAD individual parts and assemblies for tool case