Feed roller conveyor with turning device and gripper

SCHELLING AG needed automation to handle stacks of paper and cardboard as well as cardboard interlayers. marti systeme received this order for implementation.


As a sub-supplier of marti systeme, marti engineering developed a feed roller conveyor for two different workpieces with a labeling and turning device as well as a gripper for three different workpieces.

Project details

Feed roller conveyor with turning device

  • Paper stacks (wraps) up to 6 kg
  • cardboard stacks (case) up to 6 kg
  • buffers and feeding of the workpieces to the gripper. Item-specific labeling and turning 180° lengthways for pressure-on-pressure stacking.

    Gripper for shrink packages

    • Paper stacks (wraps) up to 6 kg
    • Carton stacks (case) up to 6kg
    • interlayers

    The gripper removes the workpieces individually from the feed roller conveyor and pallets them.

    500 packages per hour

Key technical data

Construction year: 2014
Project length: approx. 3 months
Feed roller conveyor measurements: L x W x H = 2308 x 1850 x 1680 mm
Feed roller conveyor weight: 280 kg
Measurements of the gripper: L x W x H = 375 x 320 x 340 mm
Gripper weight: 17.5 kg

Robot: ABB IRB260

We really appreciate the many years of positive cooperation with marti Systeme. We can benefit from the highly professional advice and extensive experience at any time. Our package palletizing system with different pallets runs in a 2-shift operation to our complete satisfaction. We will also rely on the competent advice of marti Systeme for further developments.

Urs Graf, Production Manager, SCHELLING AG