Kunststoff Schwanden AG

Assembly system

The demanding hygiene regulations in the food sector require processes that are as reproducible as possible and the use of materials approved for this sector. Simple, complete cleaning of the parts in contact with the product is mandatory. Likewise, no working media, e.g. compressed air goes into or on the product. The assembly is checked using pre-cleaned air.


All tool parts for fully automatic assembly are introduced into the system in the bulk material. Filling can take place at any time without interrupting the process outside the machine protection zone. The removal of the blister packaged and stacked containers with the assembled assemblies from the output conveyor can also take place at any time. 
The system was connected to the customer's operating data acquisition system in order to send the orders directly to the system and also to process real-time data from the system in the data acquisition system.

Project details

The following processes are carried out in the assembly system:

  • conveying and separating the plastic parts A, plastic parts B, plastic parts C and metal parts (bulk material)
  • inserting the plastic parts A and B into a holder in the rotary indexing table
  • magnetizing the metal part at the magnetizing station
  • assembling the metal part in plastic part B (oriented pos-neg)
  • positioning the plastic part B in the plastic part C
  • Positioning and mounting the plastic part C on the plastic part A
  • Checking assembly
  • Removing assembly (pack OK in blister, NOK in reject container)

Key technical data

Construction year: 2009
Measurements: L x W x H = 3.3 x 3.4 x 2.3 m

PLC: VIPA 300V / SIMATIC Manager S7
Safety: Sick Safety Relay U43
Operation: Siemens Touchpanel 6”, Color TP177B