V-Zug line oven

Automation of oven assembly

These days, economic production of household appliances is not possible without automation. The lifetimes of products are getting shorter and shorter - and yet the demands on quality and design are constantly increasing.


Occupational safety and higher quantities were the main factors for the automation of the oven assembly. Greater ease of use and better protective conditions increase employee satisfaction.
A major focus and also a challenge was integration into the subsequent assembly process and the inclusion of manual workstations.

Project details

The oven line is fully integrated in the customer infrastructure and takes on the following work steps:

  • Placing the preassembled oven housing on workpiece carriers (WT)
  • Moving the WTs into the robot cell for insulation assembly
  • Feeding insulation mats in cardboard packaging
  • Placing empty cardboard packaging in the cardboard press
  • Insulating the cooking space with robot and other peripherals
  • Moving the workpiece carriers out to subsequent manual workstations of the workpiece carriers in the screwing station
  • Screwing the manually pre-assembled components in the screwing station
  • Checking the oven at the inspection station
  • Issuing the rejects on the NOK tape or transporting them to the downstream system

Key technical data

Construction year: 2018
Project length: approx. 12 months
Measurements: L x W x H = 23.0 x 15.0 x 2.5m

PLC: Siemens ET200SP (Iso.), S7-1500 (Schr.) / TIA Portal V15
Safety: Sick FlexiSoft
Operation: 2x Siemens Touchpanel 15”, Color TP1500 Comfort
Robot: 3x KUKA KR60L45-3

CAD graphics system