Custom automation concepts

Marti Solutions

Depending on the project and its requirements, varying degrees of automation support may be required. marti engineering offers gripper systems for removing parts from injection molding or die-casting machines, manual workstations to support monotonous or force-intensive tasks to complex automation systems with or without robotics - a full range of automation concepts. 

Automation systems

Customer projects with complex work processes, a large variety of parts and the corresponding annual quantities require fully automated systems with a low level of operator control. A variety of sub-functions are possible: Feed workpieces, welding (including laser), heating/cooling, mechanical assembly work, testing tasks, labeling/marking, packaging, and much more. The machines are about 2x2m to 12x5m in size, depending on the workpieces to be processed.

Robot cells

marti engineering develops, in partnership with marti systeme, robot cells (automation systems with the use of one or more robots). The decision to use robots is determined by the machine design. To date, marti engineering has completed ABB and KUKA projects. In individual cases and at the customer's request, however, other types of robots, such as Stäubli, can be used.

Manual workstations

With manual workstations, marti engineering supports its customers with monotonous or force-intensive tasks, which operating personnel are not fond of due to the number of parts. marti engineering has already provided manual workstations for screwing parts together, for testing (e.g. force-displacement measurement) or for the fully automatic assembly of parts after manual insertion. 

Gripper system

Gripper systems have been synonymous with marti engineering since the company was founded in 1981. marti engineering builds the simplest gripper systems from a plate and some vacuum suction cups for the removal of parts from injection molding machines (part weight approx. 200g) to the handling of aluminum die-cast parts of several 100kg and with positive, secure holding in the event of a power failure. 

The pipe processing system is very reliable. Up to 7 km of pipe can be processed in one day

Martin Messerli, Machine Operator, USM

With marti systems we always have a partnership and an extremely professional and competent system provider and problem solver with great know-how. 
Our palletizing/depalletizing robot including conveyor technology as the first system from marti system runs flawlessly and reliably in a 3-shift operation. In the meantime, the cooperation has also been continued with follow-up projects and future projects are currently being planned.

René Hoppler, Factory Excellence Leadership, Siemens Schweiz AG